Oster Baby Powder Freshening Spray 177ml


Pimp your pooch with Oster®Fresh Snuggles Baby Powder freshening spray for Dogs. Freshens their coat for that “just bathed” scent between baths. Baby Powder fragrance makes any dog fall for puppy love. Alcohol-free.


Oster Fresh Snuggles shampoos and conditioner are specially formulated with a higher level of active ingredients (or surfactants) to help remove more dirt than comparable shampoos. Gentle with dog skin feature pH balanced, wholesome ingredients, and 100% free of alcohol, and parabens. Oster Shampoo, Conditioners, and Colognes are proudly made in the USA.

Fresh Baby Powder scent
Long lasting fragrance to extend or enhance that “just bathed” scent
100% Alcohol Free so it won’t dry the skin
Proudly made in the USA
Convenient 6 oz. Travel-size bottle


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