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The Kind of Care Your Pets Deserve  Lip-Smacking & Delightful Pawfect!

Dog & Cat Supplies

Order high-quality products customers can’t find anywhere else and we stock products both durable and healthy for pets.

Dog Walk

We offer routine walk for dogs as required and requested by our clients.

Laboratory Services

Standard clinic, run some major tests for the sake of accurate diagnosis and treatment of diseases.


Clinical Services

Does your pet need treatment or check up of any sort? , then we are your best plug!

Dog Sale

We offer sales of both puppy and adult dogs of different breeds.

Featured Categories

Booster Sport
Dry Food
Jojo Can Adult Food
Wet Food
indomie for dog
Raw Food
Treats Jerkey strips
Premium Food
Dog Breeds

Grooming & Styling

We offer services that include bathing, ear cleaning, nail clipping, hair trimming, and general body grooming

Baths & Coat Care

Bathing your dog regularly and grooming him using brushes or a de-shedding tool once he’s dry can significantly combat shedding.
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