Prosense Oatmeal Shampoo


Odor eliminating complex
Chamomile and Vitamin B
Coat shine and skin health
20 fl oz bottle


Pro-Sense brand offers a variety of proactive, sensible solutions for all of your pet’s healthcare and wellness needs. Pro-Sense knows that pet parenting can be tough so they have improved ingredients and overall benefits to make it easier than ever to care for them. This natural oatmeal-based vanilla scented dog shampoo delivers panthenol and other moisturizers to soothe your pet’s skin while conditioning and detangling fur. The dog odor eliminating shampoo formula is also effective at minimizing your pet’s smell with a lasting vanilla scent. The Pro-Sense Oatmeal Shampoo uses natural oatmeal and microencapsulated liposomes to calm itchy, dry, and irritated skin. Pro-Sense offers the perfect shampoo that not only eliminates odors but provides your pet with a flawless coat that is clean and tangle free that can be used for all breeds of dogs. The refreshing scent of vanilla will remain with your pet and keep them smelling nice all day.


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