Jojo Adult Pack


JO-JO puppy food is made with carefully selected ingredients to promote strong teeth and bones and to help develop a strong immune system.


Many dog owners overlook the importance of adding vegetables to their dog’s diet. Vegetables, a great source of iron and fibre, not only improve your dog’s digestion but also boost its overall well being. Liver is known to be a great source of copper, iron, Niacin, phosphorous and zinc.That is why adding liver to your dog’s diet enhances his health and general condition.
Recommended rations for a healthy adult dog.
Serve at ambient temperature. After opening, preserve 2 days maximum in refrigerator.
High in protein these three flavours are the most popular amongst our dog clients.
Crude protein / Protéine brute : 7.0%, Crude oils and Fats / Matières grasses brutes : 4.5%, Crude ash / Cendres brutes : 3.0%, Crude fibres / Cellulose brute : 0.5%, Moisture / Humidité : 80.0%, Calcium : 0.3%, Phosphorous / Phosphore : 0.24%.
Highly nutritious value for both adult and puppy dogs.
Guarantee for a healthy dog lifestyle.


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