Our Services

Dog Walk

We offer routine walk for dogs as required and requested by our clients.

Laboratory Services

We, like any standard clinic, run some major tests for the sake of accurate diagnoses and treatment of diseases.
Some of which are; canine parvoviral antigen test, ultrasound for pregnancy and other abdominal organ check-ups, skin scrapping, vaginal cytology, ear cytology, etc

Clinical Services

Does your pet need treatment or check up of any sort? , then we are your best plug!

Dog Sales

We offer sales of both puppy and adult dogs of different breeds.

Pet Grooming

We offer services that include bathing, ear cleaning, nail clipping, hair trimming, and general body grooming.


This is a premium service rendered to clients on either weekly or bimonthly basis. Here your pet’s welfare becomes our ultimate priority. T&C apply
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